The History of Parke Cox Trucking

Shortly after the end of World War II, having been discharged from the Army Air Force, Parke Cox joined the ranks of countless young men looking for jobs during a post-war down economy. Parke learned the Army was selling off surplus trucks and, with great foresight, grasped the opportunity! In 1946, Parke and his young bride Emily, purchased one of these trucks and traveled from Utah to Ohio to pick it up. When they arrived, to their enormous surprise, they found the truck was in crates and had to be put together! With the unwavering determination which has led Parke Cox Trucking for the past 70 years, Parke and Emily put that truck together in 10 days and drove it back to Utah. Thus, Parke Cox Trucking was born!
Parke Cox Trucking is a three-generation family-owned business with its roots in St. George, Utah. Sons Dave and Don Cox were raised in and have been intimately involved in the trucking industry their entire lives. Don officially joined the business in 1985 and Dave joined in 1990. In 2004, Dave and Don bought the business from Parke and Emily. And in 2013, Dave’s son Brecken left his job as a commercial pilot to join the family business and help take it to the next level of service and satisfaction. Parke and Emily, now in their 90’s, still come to the office almost every day.
Most importantly, the Cox family consists of over 100 dedicated employees including over 80 of the best drivers on the road! Cox Trucking is big enough to have Fortune 100 customers, but small enough to know every driver by name. Dave and Don understand the trucking business inside and out and know that driving truck is a tough and demanding job. They hire the best drivers and provide them with the best equipment, pay, benefits and home time on the market. But most importantly, they treat their drivers with respect. By listening to drivers’ needs and concerns, they strive to make Parke Cox Trucking the best place to work, year over year.
Over the past almost 70 years, Cox Trucking has remained stable through recessions, the oil crisis, the mortgage crisis, several stock market crashes and other economic ups and downs while many other trucking companies have come and gone. The trucking industry is volatile. But Parke Cox Trucking continues to be poised for growth and success with their commitment to their employees and unwavering service to their ever growing customer base.