Why Driver’s Love Cox Trucking

Why do drivers’ love working for Cox Trucking?

Because we are a company that has heart. Because we know this is a difficult job. And because we know we wouldn’t have stayed in business for over 70 years without our excellent team of professional drivers. We exceed driver expectations.


“Cox is very family oriented, they make you feel like family. Home time to them is very important. The pay is excellent! I get bonuses each month based on what I drive.”

– Donna


“You get to see your family a lot. It’s the best job I’ve ever had. The pay is great. I am still a first year driver. When I came to Cox I got a 2 cpm raise right off the bat – they are great!”

– Jason

The  Barstows - Team Drivers

“Cox trucking started a bonus program – a wonderful incentive – the harder you work not only the more you get paid per mile but the bigger your bonuses are!”

– Barstow Team

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