Flatbed Trailer Services

At Cox Trucking all of our flatbed trailers are 50’ Conestoga trailers. The Conestoga is a specialized trailer that is designed to carry a huge variety of loads, and at the same time be versatile. In other words, if it can fit in the trailer – we can haul it – whatever it is. The versatility of this trailer enables truck drivers to perform the loading and unloading easily and get your shipment where it needs to go on-time and in perfect condition.

The Conestoga flatbed trailer is in high demand not only for its load versatility but also for the security that comes with having a covered load. Conestoga’s also reduce operation time and increase efficiency for on-time freight transportation.

Whether you are looking for a full-load or LTL load, going cross country or just down the street, we have a state of the art Conestoga trailer waiting for you.

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