• Cox Trucking Pays Based on Your Individual Performance
  • Top Drivers make over $75k per year!
  • You Determine How Much You Will Make Based On How Much You Drive!
  • Full-time drivers are eligible for full bonus and all benefits when they drive an average at least 10,000 miles per month.
  • Competitive BASE CPM packages ranging from 33 CPM to 40 CPM
  • At hire CPM is determined by length of driving experience and safe driving record. *See Tenure Transfer
  • 10k bonus: $100 JUST for hitting the 10,000-mile mark
  • 10 over 10 Bonus: $.10 CPM on every mile over 10,000
  • Fuel/Idle Bonus: up to $.02 CPM on all miles
  • Picks, Drops and Unloading Pay
  • Safe Driving Bonus: Up to $1,000 per year
  • Layover, Detention and Breakdown Pay (but we DON’T breakdown)

Drivers are reviewed every six months and base CPM increases are available every six months depending on performance and experience (up to CPM max).

The more you drive…

The more you will make!

If you love to drive – join Cox and make some serious money!